Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is an action based schedule that shows specialized abilities for video creation, altering, and impacts. Every action contains a little assignment inside so understudies are learning and refining their aptitudes as they complete each undertaking. Every action additionally contains understudy advisers for use so as to gain proficiency with the specialized abilities required to finish each assignment.

Basically, it is a video generation apparatus that empowers you to alter and control video tasks and fare them to an assortment of configurations. In this unit, understudies are acquainted with the Adobe Premiere Pro work-space, including how to import records, catch video, oversee media, utilize the Storyboard highlight, and how to work with clasps in the Timeline board.

  1. Introduction
    • Navigate Premiere Pro
    • Create and open projects

1.3. Work with file

1.4. Import media into Premiere Pro

1.5. Organize your media once it’s imported

1.6. Use the Timeline for video and audio tracks

  1. Shot Division

     (2.1.) with add edit

  1. Edit tracks in the Timeline
  2. Create sequences and nested sequences
  3. Add motion to your clips

2.2. Create and work with key frames

2.3. Add animation and other effects

2.4. Add transitions

     (2.5.) Copy Paste

     (2.6.) Copy Paste with in-out marks one sequence to another.

     (2.7.) In-Out Mark from viewer to timeline with F9 or F10

  1. Different Shortcut Key & Tool Plate for timeline work
  2. Text + Master Template + Video Generator.
  3. Background Music
  4. Creative Introduction
  5. Transition + Filter
  6. Motion
  7. Masking, Color Correction, Face Blur & Chroma.

And many more like:-

-Use the color-correction tools

-Sync clips from multiple cameras

-Add text, shapes, and logos to your project

-Work with audio in the Audio Workspace

-Export media from Premiere Pro

-Create and edit closed captions


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