Adobe After Effects cc

 Adobe After Effects CC

Welcome to the Get Started with After Effects instructional exercises, intended to show you the essential devices and systems of working in Adobe After Effects CC. This instructional exercise acquaints you with the way toward propelling the application, bringing in, and sorting out resources in the Project board.

Adobe After  Effects CC Syllabus:-

  1. An Introduction to Adobe After Effects
  2. Getting Started in After Effects
  3. Working with Text in After Effects
  4. Shape Layers
  5. Further Exploring Animation
  6. Working with Masks
  7. Animating Layers
  8. Introducing the Puppet Tools
  9. Using the Roto Brush to Create Mattes and Extract Objects
  10. Working in 3D
  11. Advanced Video Creation and Editing Techniques
  12. Rendering and Exporting Your Work.

At starting and Experience level we likewise spread different points like:-

  1. Become more acquainted with instruments appropriately
  2. Working with syntheses
  3. Make and quicken content
  4. Video fixing
  5. Custom progress building
  6. Select and energize layers
  7. Make Visual impact
  8. Make energized foundation
  9. Work with 3D.

In addition to above mentioned lists there are following project which we discuss in the classroom like:-

  1. vivify a title uncover
  2. vivify a lower third
  3. render video for YouTube
  4. make a written by hand title
  5. vivify a 3D title uncover
  6. vivify a camera
  7. vivify a data realistic



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